Thursday, March 15, 2007

Three Things I Learned Today:

1. Kid boogers left to dry on the wall long enough will not come off using common household cleaning products and/or methods. I tried misting with water. I tried soaking. I tried spray cleaner. I tried scrubbing with a cloth and then a sponge. I tried Soft Scrub. I tried rubbing really hard, too hard in fact, until the paint was starting to fade. Nope. Still there. Tomorrow I'll try: plastic scrubby sponge, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and a belt sander, in that order.

2. Ironing napkins, pillowcases and the folded-over flappy part of top sheets (I only iron the parts that show) with Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Ironing Spray, Lavender scent, is a delightfully pleasant experience. In related news, I'm conducting a poorly funded & very unscientific study to see if Ken's shirts ironed with lavender will aromatherapeutically make him more calm and relaxed on the days he wears them. More on this later...

3. After nearly seventeen years of marriage, Ken still has the ability to surprise me. Sure, it's few and far between, and not really all that exciting, but still. This evening he revealed that he has never tasted pinenuts, not once in his life. This is despite the fact I throw fiscal responsibility to the wind and squander six bucks on whole boxes of them quite regularly. It's not for lack of availability. It's because he doesn't like the name. The word "pinenut" makes him think of "pine trees" which begets the "scent of pine" which he also doesn't like. Therefore he refuses to try pinenuts, USING THE SAME LOGIC THAT DIDN'T WORK IN THE MUENSTER CHEESE FIASCO OF 1993.


Lexi said...

1. Try using the kids to clean. Their boogers, their responsibility.

2. I've never heard of lavender spray for ironing and can't wait to try it.

3. Just start throwing pine nuts in things (although I'm no fan of Muenster either).

4. Three days in a row worth of blogging. You go girl! You've made my week!

Ken said...

A point of clarity I must make...

I like the smell of pine. Granted, since some household cleaners have that nice pine scent, I tend to think of household chores rather than pine forests, but I like it anyway.

I just don't want to eat anything that smells like pine. Needles, Pine Sol, or the aptly named seed of a piƱon ... pine nuts.

Shelby's Mum said...

Pinenuts do not smell like pine, Ken.