Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Again With The Car

Emily: Why's it gotta be so cold?

Lisa: See, honey, the earth is tilted...

Emily: No, mom.... Not that! Why's it gotta be so cold in the car?

Lisa: As I was saying, first ya got the earth being tilted...

Emily: No! In the car. It's because the cold heat is blowing colder heat in here!

Lisa: And you don't like my explanation?

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Our Best Conversations Always Happen In The Car

Driving out of our neighborhood & through the next one....

Emily: Does Lexi still live over here? In the brown house?

Lisa: Yep. She lives here with her husband and her son.

Emily: She's married? Who is she married to?

Lisa: Her husband, Mr. B. You might not know him.

Emily: Hmmm. What does he look like?

Lisa: He's has a lot of silver hair. He wears glasses & drives a red car. He looks a little like Grandpa.

Emily: Oh. Is he older than her?

Lisa: Well, yes... she's a little older than me and he's around 20 or so years older than her, so... yeah.

Emily: Wow. That's so cool. She's a trophy wife!

Lisa: Please can I blog this?