Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wherein We Have Yet Another Very Important Conversation Via IM Chat

Lisa: Do you know what Hang Time means?

Ken: no

[is compelled to look it up]

Ken: The amount of time a person floats in the air. It is usually used in reference to basketball players.
Ken: am i right?

Lisa: Oh, I still don't know.
Lisa: I just had my tea leaves read on the Tazo tea site, but first I had to answer a few questions. One of them was for my hang time.
Lisa: ??????

Ken: my laptop is nice and warm

Lisa: That's nice, honey.

Ken: it's also the length of time a fart smell lingers

Lisa: Can I blog that?

Ken: and it's what they called the sentencing of Saddam

Lisa: Blog?

Ken: wearing a pocket watch as a necklace?

Lisa: I'm blogging it.


Anonymous said...

Ken is too cute!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Isn't hang time the length of time a ski jumper is in the air...I like the winter Olympics, but Ken's are much cuter.

Shelby's Mum said...

It's something like that, I suppose... Anyhow I have no idea what my "hang time" would be, so I substituted my Nap Time and put 20 minutes.

My fortune said: Be happy. Life is good. :)

norm said...

Hang time is actually a football reference. The time a punt is in the air is the "hang time". This is the time from when the ball comes in contact with the kicker's foot to the time the ball hits the ground or the recieving player (whichever comes first).

4 seconds is OK
5 seconds is great
6 seconds results in an internal NFL investigation into helium ball tampering.

Waldorf Momma (Aunt Allyson) said...

(Uncle John says yes, Norm is 100% right...on all counts.)

Lizzie! said...

i would think that HANG TIME would be the time thea u hang w/ your peeps(friends).