Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Honestly, If You Knew What Was Going On Around Here And How Busy I Am Hand-holding, You'd Be Less Upset About Infrequent Posts.

Twenty more fascinating facts about me:

21. If I changed my first name, I'd change it to Sallie. Or Charlotte. Or Isabel.

22. I own only one pair of high heels, in red silk.

23. I knew I was going to marry Ken the first time I met him.

24. My favorite animal is the giant tortoise.

25. I am not afraid of bugs, spiders, reptiles, rodents, snakes, or other creepy crawly-types. (but my husband is, so it works out.)

26. Sometimes I create character amalgams for my blog. Like HND, for example. He's a character based on 6 neighborhood guys I found very attractive, but also not. It turns out they are just really good dads, a trait I find attractive.*

27. I meditate every day, for about 20 minutes.

28. I read somewhere years ago that Bill Cosby's kid's names all begin with the letter E, for excellence. I really liked that idea & named my kids Elisabeth and Emily.

29. I do not have a sordid past. I'm neither proud of that fact nor do I regret it.

30. My feet are completely flat and always have been.

31. I only have 24 teeth, having lost many in bar fights. That last part is a lie.

32. I often apologize, but usually it's to make myself feel better, not the other person. But if the other person thinks it's for them, then that's nice too.

33. I knew I would be bff with Amber the first time I met her.

34. I knew I'd be bff with Joannie the first time I met her, too.

35. I raced quarter midget race cars for 8 years when I was a kid.

36. I've only recently learned to trust my own intuition. It has never failed me and the more I listen to it, the more it has to say.

37. I have tended to "hang in there" far too long with bad situations, bad friendships, bad jobs, etc. hoping things would get better. Now I'm learning it's better to know when to walk away, and then do it.

38. I love getting older and wiser, especially the wiser part.

39. I was a very neat & tidy child. As an adult I'm much more relaxed and like to say "I keep house casually."

40. I prefer to either buy books or speed-read them at the bookstore as I find libraries very depressing.

* None of the 6 HND inspirations live on Richmond Ct. or read this blog. That is not to say you aren't a lovely person and/or a very good father.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Shelby the senior citizen in your household your favorite animal?

Shelby's Mum said...

Shelby is a family member and I make it a point to not choose favorite family members except for around gift-giving time. Sheesh.

Lexi said...

This is the perfect medium:"I keep house casually." Feel free to explain the concept to my husband, the neat freak.

P.S. There must be something sordid in your past!