Sunday, November 12, 2006

Holy Freakin' Heaven! How'd I Forget Day Eleven???

My Saturday.

1. Get up; drink coffee husband has made; lavishly praise husband for having done so; read newspaper; eat healthy bowl of twigs & pebbles.
2. Say good morning via online IM chat to Amber and coordinated respective days' activities. (smiley)
3. Discuss with husband relative benefits of taking shower before/after attending redneck estate auction at end of street; decide against it.
4. Walk to house hosting auction; mingle amongst 150 men in Carhartt jumpsuits browsing for ammo.
5. Locate house's library and happily peruse books while mulling one's own life, meaning & duration of one's own life and one's feelings about one's own children someday hosting similar auction of one's own belongings.
6. Laugh out loud as Carhartt man searching for bathroom enters room and says, "Nope. Libary." (giggling smiley)
7. Go outside, inspect snack wagon parked in driveway; muse upon possibility/difficulty of arranging for it to be parked there all the time for easy access to burritos, sloppy joes, walking tacos and bad coffee.
8. Return home with husband; discuss lovely dining table set from auction and possible inclusion in home. Dismiss idea for lack of husband's imagination/interest; reluctantly admit to self he's probably right. (eye rolling smiley)
9. Chat with Amber; inform her of dining set that got away & wish her well at yoga teacher training class.
10. Shower.
11. Blow dry hair; fret about resultant state of 'do. (frustrated smiley)
12. Check on older daughter; find her still sleeping. Attempt to locate younger daughter; give up; leave house anyway.
13. Drive to Canton with husband; watch movie. [Stranger Than Fiction, 2 thumbs up]
14. Leave theater; drive around Canton looking for/discussing possible dinner options.
15. Accidentally locate a Lovers' Lane store. (big grin smiley)
16. Enter store... wander around... become confused... worried... meet charming salesgirl... have all questions answered. Make intelligent, informed purchases; happily leave store. (blushing smiley)
17. Stop for quick dinner at Arby's; page through complimentary LL catalog with husband.
18. Return home; fib to children about being very tired from long day; go upstairs.
19. Quickly check messages & leave message for Amber about movie & shopping trip.
20. Retire for evening; completely forget one has blog post to write. (winking smiley)


Ken said...

The older daughter in step #12 didn't awake from her FULL night's sleep until 5:20pm. Yes, that's PM. She got out of bed when it was getting dark outside.

Lexi said...

Is a Lovers' Lane store what I think it is? (Remember, my thinking usually runs along smutty lines.)

Shelby's Mum said...

Oh, Lexi... You would SO love Lover's Lane. Yes.

Amber said...

I do so enjoy being mentioned in this lovely blog - and even more so that I get to be a part of - and well informed about - the daily goings on in the Olson Family Village even though I'm so far away... (dreamy smiley)