Thursday, November 09, 2006

Day 9: Phoning It In

I'm so tired. Just... tired. This blog has had more technical problems than the proverbially uncomfortable whore in church. The metaphor, it doesn't work, see? Just like my blog.
I'm going to bed. But first, a picture of Emily taken today, in Spanish class, at school, by her father, who attended Take Your Parent To School Day (the one who doesn't know enough to be really busy and is thus unable to attend) and instead of paying attention and maybe learning something, spent most of his time sending me naughty text messages and pictures taken from his phone.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ken, I have two words for you:

Stand Still :P

Is it me or is the pic just a wee bit blurry? Hard to believe that everyone in the pic (including the folders at left and the desks) were in that much motion to cause that much blurriness.

Ken said...

The picture is blurry because it's from my cameraphone. Just to emphasize how much care I put into selecting the quality of the picture taking capabilities of my phone, I didn't even know the phone had a camera until I was walking out of the store and noticed a "feature" printed on the box. In any case, it's kinda fun to send photos real-time from the classroom. I'll ask Shelbysmum to make the picture smaller as it's intended to be viewed.

I enjoyed Take-Your-Parent to school day and only text messaged during an inactive time of Spanish lessons. And, it's the only time I had a signal.