Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Day 7: Answers To Yesterday's Questions or Finally Got The Goddamned Photo Uploader Working

1. Yes. If it's on a cruise ship with my sister Allyson and our very loud & fun dinner companions Rhonda and the other Rhonda playing Roulette and drinking tiny pink cruise-ship Cosmos. (I learned rather quickly after taking this photo it's considered very poor form/illegal to take photos in a casino. Who knew?)

2. Leftover roast beef.

3. About two years ago, while taking an Intuitive Heart meditation class. We'd just finished meditating and were about to begin a writing exercise when the teacher, Diane, said "Lisa, I have no idea how you feel about this kind of thing, but there is a spirit here, and she really wants to talk to you. She says she's your Granny and she's very persistent." We then proceeded to do the writing exercise with me allowing my Granny to write her message through my hand on the paper. And boy, it certainly was her! She had a lot to say and it included things like "Keep Grandpa away from those cotton-pickin' stairs!"

4. Yes. I also tricked him into taking me to the A2 Art Fair between dates #2 and #3, but he still couldn't get the hint. Dating geeks can be... challenging. But with patience and plenty of positive reinforcement, you will find them to be highly trainable & loyal companions. They will also program all of the electronical devices in your home and provide years of completely gratis tech support!

5. None, because it's finally cold enough outside that all of the nasty bugs who normally find me sweet meat for feastin' have flown south for the winter.

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