Thursday, November 30, 2006

Day 30: No Mo NaBloPoMo!

This is it, the last day of NaBloPoMo! I have to admit, I kind of liked doing it. I felt like I had to, like I owed it to M. Kennedy and everyone else sweating it out, doing their daily blogging. Did I mention when I started this there would be prizes? Oh, yes! Fabulous prizes! There are about 9000 bloggers and something like 28 prizes, but fingers crossed y'all! I could win something!

When I made a commitment to daily blogging, I also made a list of ideas, possible topics, other things I could do, etc. I even bought a book of 100 suggestions for what to write about on a blog, although I never actually resorted to using it. The one thing I'd planned but didn't get around to writing about was HND, the Hot Neighborhood Dad. Or, as a miscreant friend of mine refers to him as, FILF. I think to celebrate the end of this month, it's high time I tell you who he is. So I will. Tomorrow, December 1st, when I start Holidailies, the December-into-January version of what I just finished doing. Because it never ends.


angie said...

Yay for Holidailies! (cute name)
Will you be posting a picture of HND, as well??

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's hear more about HND!!!

Shelby's Mum said...

Sorry, Ang. I'm just not that good with Photo Shop.