Friday, November 03, 2006

Day 3: Self-Portrait Friday

I panicked, okay? I didn't have any good ideas for today and started feeling pressured and well, let's just say I'm not great under pressure. I tend to cave. Or I tend to slap a "self-portait" on the ol' blog and call it a post. I think in the actual blog world, like there really is such a thing, it's supposed to be Self-Portrait Tuesday, but I'm a rule breaker. No, I'm not. I just panicked. If I think of anything else to write, I'll add it later. Actually, I did have a great idea last night and then Liz stole it for her blog! And don't think I won't be mentioning it at the next family meeting, either.

This brings up another point I'd like to address, if only barely, which is why I've posted so infrequently lately. One reason is I've attracted a small following amongst kid-type readers, which was just fine when I didn't know about it. But then they started leaving comments... and emails... IM questions... and then started blogs of their own! So now I feel some responsibility to keep a clean-ish blog, watch my potty language and not reveal too much about the depraved lifestye I so thoroughly enjoy. My point is, I choked a bit, talked myself down off the ledge, and got over it. Most importantly though, I think it's fantastic if I had anything at all to do with inspiring kids to write more, especially those I didn't personally stand over threatening with bodily harm and/or loss of affection if they didn't get their homework done by bedtime.

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