Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Day 29: The Key To A Long & Happy Marriage Is Good Communication or Uh Oh, When Did We Become My Grandparents?

Lisa: I'm not sure about hanging these pictures... I think I need to cut out templates and arrange them on paper first.
Ken: So that woman, Carol, you think I should call her back again?
Lisa: First I need more coffee. Did you finish it or is there some left?
Ken: I left her a message yesterday & she's been good about returning calls. Maybe I'll wait until this afternoon.
Lisa: I'm used to half regular/half decaf now, but I think I need to make a bigger pot since I can drink more.
Ken: Oh, and Tom too. Nah, I'll give him until this afternoon also.
Lisa: No, I guess I want to drink more, since I know I can. And I just like holding the warm cup.
Ken: Okay. I need something to do to keep me busy until then.
Lisa: I think I'll make more coffee and then do the pictures.
Ken: I'm going downstairs.

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Lizzie! said...

you guys have the BEST conversations!!!
lol! lol! lol! lol!