Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Day 21: Cooking Tip

Please learn from my mistake and do not attempt to use up leftover multi-colored baby potatoes by mashing them and calling the lavender results Confetti 'Taters. It does not work. No one will eat them except you. Well, the dog might... she did seem interested... maybe because she's color blind? Or maybe because I kept adding cream and butter to "make them taste better so no one would notice how they look?"

Here's the most important part: Do not then proceed to eat most of the Confetti 'Taters yourself because:

1. You feel sorry for them. They are just potatoes for crying out loud! They don't know from rejection.

2. They are FULL of fat and calories because you added so much extra cream and butter. And garlic. All of which only makes them extra delicious, but I digress.

3. You will feel awful after eating too much multi-colored mashed-up 'tato. I mean it, really awful. You will moan and maybe cry just a little and complain to anyone who will listen. There will be some sympathy, yes, but will it matter? Will it help? No. You'll then hint about taking your pants off for survival and naive people will think you are kidding. Either way, you will suffer.

Take my advice and follow our family's traditional leftover processing procedure. Allow the potatoes to temper in the back of the refrigerator for the standard 2-3 months and then throw them out, for pity's sake. Out! Out! Damned spuds!

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