Friday, November 17, 2006

Day 17: Happy Birthday, Ken!!!

Here's my adorable little husband when he was about five or so, sitting with his sister, Kathy. She's the nicest big sister in the whole wide world, way nicer than me. I tortured my sister on occasion, but only for fun. On closer inspection, it does appear she's giving li'l Kenny the finger here... so maybe she's got that big sister vibe going after all. Makes me feel better, anyway!

Ken had a lovely birthday, very low-key, just the way he likes it. He got a few presents, three to be exact, and two of those were Legos. I also took him on a wild shopping spree in Target, where he picked out silky long john pants (like mine) and a pair of gloves he calls "driving gloves." It's his birthday, so we let him. We also went out for dinner with his parents and had a nice visit with them. And for a special happy birthday bonus, I agreed with everything he said all day long, no matter what. It damn near killed me and he enjoyed that part too.

Happy Birthday, Honey!

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Lizzie! said...

I prefer to think of his Driving Gloves as 'Motoring Gloves'.

"Want to go motoring anyone??"
:) :) :) :) :) :) :)