Thursday, November 16, 2006

Day 16: Simple Thanks

Williams-Sonoma, a store & livestyle I love dearly albeit rather shallowly since it is a love based mostly on W-S's beauty, sent me a guide to simplifying Thanksgiving. This is much like when Martha S., as she's referred to at her special meetings, makes suggestions for how to "simplify" something.

The guide includes tips for Favorite Thanksgiving Menu, a Thanksgiving Timeline, Table Setting Ideas, Thanksgiving Equipment Checklist, Choosing the Thanksgiving Wine, Roasting the Turkey, Testing the Turkey for Doneness, Carving the Turkey, etc. I'm exhausted and so far we've only talked about the turkey! There's nothing about the sweetie potato pie or the proper opening sequence/timing of the ritual can o' cranberry gelatinous mass shaped like a can that my sister more accurately refers to as "Red" as in "Please pass me some of the Red."

Thank you, Williams-Sonoma. You've made my decision to be a charming and delightful guest at my in-law's again this year a simple one.

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Anonymous said...

'Ya know, i think i might've made up red. not sure though. :)