Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Day 15: Druid Cookies

Today, the 15th of November, marks the half-way point of this year's NaBloPoMo. I realize I've slipped, but seriously, I really have a good excuse this time. See, my dog ate my post and... That's not true. My dog no longer comes upstairs to my office where the fresh blog posts are kept. She is wary of the stairs now, with her slightly stiff and unsteady elderly dog bearing. Shelby is only willing to risk traversing the stairs if there's something more scary going on down below, like Emily in one of her high-volume Drama Moments. In that case, Shelby is willing to shoot up the stairs to seek out safety and comfort under my legs, much the same as so many others have sought before her.

But I digress. I was really going to write about something much more important, namely, cookies. I believe it is only right to share The Good News when I find something as wonderful as these new cookies. Further, to keep something this good to yourself would be the most disgusting form of selfishness, unless of course it is the dinner hour and you are approaching my front door with rapture in your heart from having recently discovered Jesus Christ as your personal savior. In that case, and as we have discussed, my neighbors really could benefit a lot more than I, from hearing at great length all about this particular version of The Good Word. Conveniently they live right across the court, in the beige house, the ones with the obnoxious narcissistic son who will gladly run you over with his shiny car. Normally I wouldn't send anyone over there, but I figure it's probably okay in this case as you'd appreciate it, being called Home that much sooner. Ahhhhh. We all win.

What the hell was I saying? Oh, yes. The cookies! They are Trader Joe's own store brand of oatmeal raisin cookies, called Druid Circles. (And yes, Ken, I bought them for the name.) (I am the first to admit I'm a total whore for good packaging.) Druid Circles do not, as far as I can tell, have anything at all to do with Pagan worship. I know. I was disappointed in that part, too. But! They are the perfect size to be quite satisfying to have just one with a nice cup of tea. They are just the right amount of chewiness without being too soft. They have the ideal oatmeal to raisin ratio. Everyone loves them! Myself, my kids, and all of their grubby little friends who hang around my kitchen eating everything not nailed down or hidden in a locked drawer, they like them too. Enjoy!

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Lizzie! said...

I *heart* Druid Circles Cookies !!!