Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Day 14: Mediate?

My head very helpfully provides me with background music much of the time. Often I ignore it, but sometimes it's really loud and apparent. Usually when this happens there is a message, coming from my own subconscious, I suppose. Well, I hope that's where it's coming from. It's either that or I need to start wearing my tinfoil hat again... Anyway, today's song comes courtesy of the fine gentlemen of INXS, from the song Mediate, with special emphasis on the following lyrics. I decided to share this with you in case you can figure out what the hell the message is because this time I'm really stumped. I also might mention that I haven't heard this song in months, so it's not just that Ken.


A heavy weight
Or just too late
Like pretty Kate has sex ornate
The truth dilate
Special date
The animal we ate
Guilt debate
The edge serrate
A better rate
The youth irate
Try not to hate

Okay. That's it. I've got it. Try not to hate. I've been thinking about this lately, how not to hate those people that I, um, you know... hate. Never mind. Thanks for your time!


Amber said...

I thought I was the only one who recieved messages from my subconscious (or the U.) via songs! Yeah! Either we're both brilliant, or both crazy. I'm good with either.

Shelby's Mum said...

Brilliant, of course. >:D<