Friday, November 10, 2006

Day 10: Homework Help

Em: Who's a musician who does their own music?
Lisa: Like someone who writes their own?
Em: Yeah. Writes their own songs and music, and doesn't do other people's songs.
Lisa: The Beatles.
Em: No. I need someone who's made more songs.
Lisa: They made a lot of songs.
Em: Well, someone newer then.
Lisa: How about Norah Jones?
Em: I don't think so.
Lisa: What is this for?
Em: I have to do a report on a musician who writes their own music. It's due the 28th or the 29th and I want to be more responsible and do my work ahead of time.
Lisa: Whaaa.... Wow! That's great, honey. That is fantastic you want to take more responsibility for your work! I love that.
Em: Yep. And if I type it, I only have to do three pages intead of four writing it by hand. I want to get started, but who can I do it on?
Lisa: Norah Jones might be good. She's young, you know her music, there won't be tons of information on her...
Em: Mr. Willis might not know who she is. I think it would be better if he knows who it is.
Lisa: Trust me. He would know the Beatles.
Em: No, he's old.
Lisa: How old?
Em: Well, I don't know, but he's not young. He's old I think. He's bald. Not like shaved; he's "real" bald.
Lisa: Oh...
Em: Yes. He knows who Fleetwood Mac is.
Lisa: Ah. Yes. I see. He is old.

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