Monday, October 09, 2006

Jamie Summers Of Taste And Smell

Some of my fascinating dieting side effects. Because you are fas-cin-aaaa-ted. You are. In my mind, anyway. Lately it's been hard not notice my:

* sense of smell: heightened. "Oh, my. Yes. That has both vanilla and ginger in it. Lovely. And it seems Daddy has had a beer and the dog needs to go out."

* sense of taste: very heightened. "Seriously, is this not the best corn you've ever tasted in your whole life? It tastes just like fresh corn on the cob, doesn't it?" said over frozen steamed corn, served plain. "This is the most delicious vanilla yogurt I've ever had. Try it! They must be doing something different. This batch is fantastic!" said over the same exact yogurt I've been eating for two years.

Since I have you here I might also mention:

* desire to create: heightened. "I think I'll rearrange the living room. Again! And then sew my own blanket. And then write a book. Oh, and learn all of he lyrics to all of the cd's we own!"

* desire to cook: heightened. "What do you want for breakfast? A Black Forest ham omelette cooked in butter? With homemade pancakes on the side? And Daddy wants grilled sausages also? Coming right up!"

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Lizzie! said...

Did you steal a pill or two from when I was on the Prednisone??