Monday, September 11, 2006

POLL: What is your greatest simple pleasure?

Now that my kids are back in school and I've recovered from celebrating that fact, I'm finding my way back to doing my blog. Although badly neglected, it has apparently survived and is still in working order. Having been away for a while, I realize how much I enjoy doing this thing. I think it almost qualifies as a simple pleasure of mine, a concept I've been pondering lately. I got the idea from Real Simple magazine, which I adore reading despite its gramatically incorrect title.

I've always enjoyed pestering people by asking them things I'm thinking about and then doing absolutely nothing with the feedback except thinking about it some more. Then one day not so long ago a miracle happened and I realized I could put my blog together with my annoying question habit and do an online poll! It will be almost as much fun as getting chocolate in my peanut butter, and with way fewer calories!

Doing a poll is also a clever way to get other people to write this post for me while I fiddle around with the non-simple bloggery settings, trying to learn how to put up additional photos, links and other features I want to add. Perhaps you noticed my new white uncluttered-by-dots template? I'm not really sure if I like it or just have to get used to it. Anyway, I'll keep messing around with it while you take the poll. It's fun! I think you'll like it! See what these kind people had to say...

What is your greatest simple pleasure?

Liz (14): "Riding the AATA bus standing up. It's fun because you move with the bus and fall forward when someone pulls the cord."

Emily (10): "Reading books under my grade level so I don't have to challenge myself, like a 4th grade adventure series. It's reading just for pleasure."

Reba (10): "Writing funny stuff and scripts of funny things."

Addie (10): "Drawing to express myself emotionally."

Amber (grownup): "A sweet romantic kiss, because of its simplicity, the sentiment between two people, no words required, pure physically expressed emotion."

Ken: "Having my back scratched."

Lisa: "Wind. I love every kind, from the soft caress of a gentle breeze to the excitement of severe weather winds. I like the sound, how it looks, how it feels and the promise of change that it brings." (Cute how I pretend I told myself all this, huh?)

John: "Rolling the dice in Vegas. It's exciting and I haven't really lost money doing it yet, so that's a nice bonus."

Allyson: "Mochas and reading. Mochas are a guilt-free indulgence and reading is a quick holiday when I need one."

Bill: "Bacon."

Joan: "Reading the Sunday New York times with a cup of mocha, preferably outside on my deck with my darling across from me."

What's yours???


Lizzie! said...

I like it! :)
I'm so glad that you got back into the swing of Blogger-ing.
I also like to read, but riding the bus is super cool. Especially if you're looking STRAIGHT out the window (90 degrees[?]) and watching the trees fly by. I need a friend when I ride the AATA though. I like to talk when there. :)

observant reader said...

Did you notice the date that you posted this entry???

Shelby's Mum said...

Yes, of course I noticed the date. In the morning I decided to not write anything about September 11th on my blog. I don't feel I have anything big or relevant or worthwhile to say about 9/11 that hasn't already said or written someplace else, and probably far more eloqently than I could manage. All I have from that day are my own personal recollections, most of them still pretty painful & awful. I spent some time talking with a few close friends about 9/11 and how we felt about it. Otherwise I then chose to treat it as a normal day and posted something non-serious on my blog. I hope you understand.

Lizzie! said...

I love Bill's one word answer.