Saturday, September 30, 2006

Chickenshit Parents

Lately it’s been a little more fireworks-y than usual around here with our darling Li’l Chica. The following is an excerpt from an IM chat I had with my fellow peace-loving, ‘fraidy-cat husband, with me in my 2nd floor office and him in his basement lair, I mean hovel, I mean office.

Lisa: Is her friend still here?

Kenny: dunno
Kenny: i told her to call for a ride
Kenny: she is your kid

Lisa: Uh.... WHAT????

Kenny: i knew you would like that
Kenny: you can't deny it ... she IS your kid
Kenny: ok, ok, she's mine, too
Kenny: i just don't want her yelling at me

Lisa: This is not good, baby doll.
Lisa: We are the BIG PEOPLE.
Lisa: We shouldn’t be afraid, but we are.
Lisa: Pretty soon she'll be sending us out to the corn field using only her mind.

Kenny: i hear yelling
Kenny: i'm not going up there
Kenny: yikes!
Kenny: i'll turn the radio up

Lisa: The title of this post will be: Chickenshit Parents.

Kenny: please don't associate my name with it -- i don't want to be the defendant in a future lawsuit by said parties


Anonymous said...

One word of advice:
(just imagine the power you will have if you take away her social life)

Aunt Allyson said...

I am going to take a wild guess that the previous anonomous post had children during the 60s or 70s.

Aunt Allyson said...

oops, soory for the sp. typo. What is up with preview lately? N.K. That's the 2nd time my requested preview went right to a post! Anyhow...
Lil Chica only started middle school a few weeks ago, she is bound to be difficult right? But "yelling" at you? Uh... no. Lisa, remember 5+ yrs. ago when I told you I was having a boy? Your response was "I'm sorry". Well, I'm soooo glad I have a boy. Enjoy middle school.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous #1...she'll fuss for a bit but "you'll have hand" as Geroge Costanza had (a least for a bit)...

laura-beth said...

LMAO... i'm guessing u were talkin bout emmy =P ttyl

Shelby's Mum said...

Laura-beth! You name's really cute. And yes. And I'm sure you understand...having witnessed more than your fair share of her meltdowns...