Friday, July 21, 2006

Subtle As A Brick

Emily has decided she really needs her own cell phone. First she tried asking us directly, but we said no since we really don't think she needs one. She's since cycled through all of the typical Kid Stages of Asking: begging, whining, deal-making, demanding, bargaining, pouting, etc. and all to no avail. Today Emily piloted her latest method: subliminal suggestion.

Ken: Emily, please pick up your shoes.
Emily: Okay, Daddy Cell Phone.

Ken: Do you have your suitcase all packed?
Emily: Yes, Daddy Cell Phone.

Ken: It's time for bed.
Emily: Okay, but Daddy Cell Phone, can I get a little Chihuahua named Martini?
Ken: No.

Emily: Why is your face so red, Daddy Cell Phone?
Ken: Because I'm... I don't know.
Emily: But Daddy Cell Phone, it's really red.
Ken: Leave me alone!

Lisa: Emily, go to bed.
Emily: Okay, Mommy Chihuahua...


Lizzie! said...

Don't forget those times when Emmi and I teamed up and I asked if she could have her own cell phone.
And to the readers: I think Em pronounced chihuahua : chee Hoo-ah Hoo-ah, or maybe it was chee Hwa Hwa. I don't remember which.

Aunt Allyson said...

She has renamed the two of you... Hmmm...Cell phone, Chihuahua, I would start calling her "Paris".

Shelby's Mum said...

Yes, she was unfortunately reminding me of Paris as well. But we'd just started calling her Jackie a few weeks ago, from the equally shallow & self-absorbed character on That 70's Show. Jackie is the very pretty girl with the dark hair? Who only likes her boyfriend because he's cute and does what she wants? YEAH. ANYWAY. Actually a boy in her class started that one...