Friday, July 07, 2006

Please Insert Intriguing Post Title Here As I Am Unable To Think Of One And This Is Usually The Hardest Part Anyway

Hi! I'm still writer's blocked in case you hadn't noticed. I mean, if what I do here can be considered writing and let's be honest... On second hand maybe we shall not, since pondering that concept probably won't help stimulate the olde idea flow, if you know what I mean.

So a week or so ago I took an impulsive trip to San Francisco to see my buddy Bill and my sister Allyson and her lovely & charming family. It was a wonderfully relaxing break for me, to get away from home. So wonderful, in fact, I've decided to go away again! Yes! We are leaving momentarily for what currently sounds most likely to be a trip to Georgia and then maybe North Carolina but we really aren't sure. I have a choice to either be angry &/or highly frustrated about how infuriating this whole No Plan thing is or I can choose to see the situation as irreverantly quirky and a perfect opportunity to be refreshingly spontaneous! Mostly I choose the latter, which I think is best for everyone. Especially me and my whole inner peace thing and the not strangling my friends and then going to prison part.

Okay, so why have I babbled on like this? I guess just to let you know, dear kind gentle blog readers, that you are never far from my thoughts. It's just that I've been away and now I'm going again. Bon voyage! Until next week! Or maybe later! Because I'm not sure! Ciao!

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