Saturday, March 11, 2006

Mom Lesson #692: Just The Way You Are

Emily: Mom, have you ever seen Madonna in person?
Lisa: Nope, never seen her.
E: Have you seen Sheryl Crow?
L: No.
E: Shania Twain?
L: No.
E: [rapid-fire asks about 4-5 more people I've never seen]
L: No. Nope. Uh-uh. Never seen her, him, etc.
E: You stink! You don't know anyone famous!
L: Pardon me?
E: I'm sorry. Well, who have you seen?
L: Years ago I saw Whitney Houston, Billy Joel, Anita Baker, Bill Cosby...
E: Bill Cosby? YOU ROCK! And Billy Joe in Greenday?
L: No.... Billy JOEL.
E: Who's that?
L: He's a little older. Listen to this song of his, perhaps you've heard it. It's called Just The Way You Are. It's all about loving people for exactly who they are.

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