Monday, March 13, 2006

Live In The Present Moment, Wisely And Earnestly

Life is just so... daily.
Life is good!
Shit happens, and then you die.

SO.... what is it, then? Which one is right? What is the one true answer? Which pithy message can I safely tattoo on the back of my hand and know I'll always be on the right path? Or is it like everything else, in that it's complicated and simple at the same time, and therefore all of the above? I was just discussing this with my friend Joan, how frustrating those contradictory little slogans and sayings can be. That surely must mean some are right and some are wrong, right? But then I saw it, the silver-lining loophole. Yes, those helpful sayings contradict one another, and it's good thing, too, because then we can choose. We get to choose what kind of day or life we are having and what kind of helpful/pithy reminder we'd like to employ! Today I feel obsessive & perfectionistic, thus It's All in the Details and Every Little Bit Matters. Tomorrow I might feel bold and expansive and prefer the mantra Don't Sweat the Small Stuff. Take What You Can Use and Leave the Rest! Brilliant!

As for me, yes, I've been neglecting my blog, and my darling readers, because my life has just taken over and has spun off a little life of its own lately. But... It's All Good. It really, really is. Sure, it's a rollercoaster of ups and downs. I can almost watch it, too. I can very nearly "see" the ups and downs as they unfold; definitely I can feel them. I keep thinking while I'm up this is it, this is where I want to be and where I want to stay. Then I mentally compose a mass email to everyone I know asking them all to not breathe or change a single darn thing (because it's all about me) so I can relax and enjoy the view from up top for a while. But that usually happens while I'm driving or in the shower and can't get to my computer. Then by the time I can safely pound out my missive, life has changed again! Change is The Only Thing We Can Count On, So Get Comfy With It. Or is it Make Friends With Change? How about Be Grateful For The Pluses in Your Life and Be Creative With the Negatives?

My new friend, who is responsible for one of the ups (Hi, Amber! Thanks, Bill!), would say it's all about Balance. She also says something about the futility of trying to teach a pig to sing, although I don't know her all that well yet and am very curious to learn how she even came to try that... I don't have the exact wording, but she says it doesn't work anyway, and it annoys the pig. I like that one, but I also enjoy Don't Blame A Pig For Being A Pig, which I got from Dharma & Greg. Perhaps the etymology of that last ditty renders it slightly questionable for a life plan...

Anyway! I seem to be getting a better handle on things, and seeing my world more clearly. What has happened is, the characters have sort of changed places, in a way. I can't go into detail and name names, except to say that people have rearranged themselves and while the process was a bit uncomfortable, its verrrrry nice now. I like it. Just. Like. This.


All Is Well.
Everything Works Out In The End.
The End.


Ken said...

...uh, have I been changed to a new place? Is this how spouses of the 21st century find out? Ummm.

Shelby's Mum said...

Darling, you know I'd never be that subtle! And besides, I love you just the way you are! (please see Billy Joel entry.)