Thursday, March 16, 2006

Gratitude: Apportioned Starbucks Style

Small: Gratitude to Shelby for finally figuring out how to wedge her head into the cup holder in my Jeep so she can sleep and not slide around while I'm driving. She's safer, sleeps better and looks even cuter, as if that were possible.

Tall: Gratitude & relief after noticing the HUGE and very alert white Akita sitting in the front seat of a car parked at the post office. I'd been worried about the two sleeping toddlers in the backseat, but they were definitely well tended & protected during the few minutes their mom was inside.

Grande: Gratitude for HND* finally coming out of his wintery hiding place and waving at me (!) as I drove by. It only got better when I realized he was talking on his cell phone and had used that hand to wave with, thus interrupting his conversation. (!!)

Venti: Gratitude for my darling friend Susan, of course, for being on the props committee with me at The Play, and me finally having access to someone who not only knows exactly what she is doing but is more than willing to share her wisdom. I learned more (and did more!) in one night with her than during my whole time (weeks) listening to the guy in charge backstage. Lesson: Dorothy was right. Ignore the man behind the curtain.

* Hot Neighborhood Dad, for any new readers.


Susan, of course said...

Is the HND the one you were just talking about recently who moved to a different house on Georgetown?

And thanks for the gratitude...I've been worried that I, too, have been annoying in the props area!

Shelby's Mum said...

Nope. He's kinda cute, sure, but he's not HND. Good guess!

Susan, of course you aren't annoying to me at all. I rather appreciate your attention to detail and, oh, the sheets! I'm going to find mine & bring them tonight. Just looking at yours helped me, imagine how on top of things I'll be when I have my own! Especially since The Crazy Play makes absolutely no sense whatsoever and logic is therefore useless...

Amber said...

Gratitude and Starbucks and Lisa all in one blog post! Wow. It must be my lucky day indeed. You my friend are a highly delightful WOMAN. I am triple venti grateful to know you. kisses - A.

Lizzie! said...

Finaly, I meet you.