Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Call Her Miss Olson, If You're Nasty

Liz: My teacher keeps asking me questions.
Me: He does?
L: Yes! He keeps talking to me.
Me: Why?
L: He just asks me questions; each one twice.
Me: Like what?
L: He asked what I like to be called.
Me: Your name?
L: Yes. I said my friends call me Liz. I put extra emphasis on the word friends. I guess he wants to be my friend now because he calls me Liz!
Me: What did he used to call you?
L: I don't remember...
Me: I think he meant to ask what you would like for him to call you.
L: OH! Well, I want him to call me Elisabeth.
Me: Only close people, friends and family can call you Liz?
L: Right. It's not like I want him in my posse!

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