Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Real Dream Weaver

Lisa: Emily, you have to go to bed.
Emily: Yes! I know! But first [incomprehensibly long story/question]
Lisa: Okay. Time for bed.
Emily: Yeah, but first...
Lisa: Ken, will you please put her to bed?
Ken: Alright.
L: Emily, go with Daddy.
E: But first I want to...
L: No. Go with Dad. He's going to tell you a story.
E: Oh? A story from when you were little?
L: Yes. Tell her a "Radio Shack" story.
K: Okay! Emily, did I ever tell you about Radio Shack?
E: Um...
K: Radio Shack, well, it was owned by the Tandy Company.
E: Uh...
K: You might know them from the leather goods they sold.
E: Hmmm...
K: Then Tandy made a computer called the TRS-80.
E: Oh...
K: Do you know what TRS stands for?
E: (yawning) Totally Righteous Stuff?
K: No, it stands for [incomprehensibly long explanation/story]
E: (silent)
K: So, the TRS-80 was the first computer at Radio Shack and...
E: Zzzz zzzz zzzz.


Anonymous said...

hey...I wanted to know waht TRS stood for!

The Spelling Police said...

Radio Shack has a "C" in it. Without the C, Radio Shak seems so cheap, unlike the fine quality merchandise and former computers that spurred the growth of countless geeks!

TRS = Tandy Radio Shack

Shelby's Mum said...

of course I sincerely apologize to all of the geeks who were offended by my careless spelling error. Both of you.