Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Life Is Good (But I'm Still Pro-Choice)

I could make a list of all the crummy stuff right now. Because I have crummy stuff too, you know. I could list it all. I could. It would include things like:

* my computer going 'plaid' and destroying TWO blog entries I'd written.
* the cold weather that just keeps on keeping on.
* how effing annoying/boring Atkins people are/can be.
* the huge pain of... The Play.
* my friends who are not playing nice in the proverbial sandbox.
* my daughter and her lack of focus.
* Shelby ate a whole box of Peanut Butter Patties, my favorite.
* the secret I'm keeping from my husband.

But I don't like to dwell on the negative. Okay, yes I do. But just for a little while. Then I like to turn that frown upside down! Yes! That's the ticket. New list:

* My computer is an excellent teacher for learning to fully appreciate the moment & experience the joy of having written something wonderful. And to finally freakin' learn to SAVE things, Lisa.

* Sunshine! We've had a lot of SUNSHINE lately! As long as the days are sunny, I don't mind the cold as much. Sort of.

* Not all low-carbers are boring & annoying. Some will send helpful recipes & suggestions via email while admitting "it's rough" finding edible low-carb dessert. Besides, the Atkins trend is dying. It is. Thank you, Jesus.

* The Play is fun and very interesting to watch as it comes together. My kids are totally enjoying the experience. I'm meeting new people and learning new skills. I'm becoming better at organizing my time. I've learned how to make a red herring out of fabric. I can assemble a reasonable proximity of "dinner" and make Emily ingest it within 10 minutes now.

* Most of my friends do play well in the sandbox, very well in fact. Those who don't simply need a little time-out to figure their shit out. And the rest of us can continue having fun together in the mean time.

* My daughter has many strengths. She never, ever rushes me or others. She is keenly observant. She is kind. She is patient. She is very helpful and cooperative. She is congenial and mellow & calm. She is a joy.

* Shelby was just doing what any self-respecting dog within easy proximity of an open box of Girl Scout cookies would do. Yes, she's a total bitch for eating the whole box, but she has very nice peanut-buttery breath now.

* Ken knows I am weak-kneed around adorable older men, especially octogenarian farmers. He knows I am powerless to say no to them when they come door-to-door selling carrots & potatoes, never mind over-priced firewood. We enjoy fires! And now? We have plenty of wood. So cozy, Ken! Think of the cozy!


David said...

Something to say....that I once said, to those "...effing annoying/boring Atkins people.": One once was aghast because I "dared" to eat a plate of pasta AND a large piece of garlic bread. He said, "wow that's a lot of carbs, don't you know that?"

I said, yes I do, but don't worry, it's the "modified Atkins diet."

I never heard another word about carbs.

Lizzie! said...

Thank you for all the compliments.

One of your sandbox mates said...

I think we have the same vegetable-toting octogenarian wood seller! Love a good fire.

Recovering Atkinser said...

"edible low-carb dessert." = a big bowl of whipped cream (maybe with a little Splenda sprinkled on top). Few if any carbs, rich tasting but light, and it's mostly air so it's not even that many fat calories...