Thursday, February 02, 2006

Gratitude Big & Small

Small: To whoever put Disney stickers all over the food in our kitchen and created a pleasant little surprise/mystery for me. First, I noticed two apples had Jiminy Cricket stickers stuck to them. Then, the orange juice carton had a Donald Duck sticker on it. Pretty soon Goofy was on the Swiss Miss... Mickey on the Triscuits... Daisy Duck on the milk... I've stopped myself from searching for more because they come to me.

HUGE: To Susan* for cheerfully offering to pick up, drop off, pick up again and then return both of my kids, at different times, to & from play practice on Friday, so I can go to PBG. Because she's a saint, that woman. Of course I offered to reciprocate by schlepping her kids wherever she needs them to go, on another day. She said "Oh, no! We're even. You took my kid to Chuck E. Cheese's, remember?" I'd tried to block it out of course, but yes, I still remember. Susan is good people, y'all. Very, very good people.

* Susan, in fact, is her real name. But she isn't Susan, of course. Or Sue. Or the other Sue. Or Aunt Sue.


Mickey said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the stickers I placed. There may be more to discover!


Shelby's Mum said...

I left some nice yummy peanut butter for you, on special, um, serving devices. Please enjoy!