Sunday, January 29, 2006

Utopian Dream

I just had a dream, not really a nightmare, but pretty bad nonetheless. Then I woke up and thought perfect for the blog. So that's strange... but anyway.

I lived in a tiny village that looked exactly like Ann Arbor, except it was summertime and I knew it was always summertime there. I lived right downtown, in an adorable little cottage, just off of Division Street. Oh, and there was a lovely ocean where Plymouth Road should be. And it was always summertime. Did I mention that part? I lived alone and had a nice little job downtown and everyone walked everywhere in my dream. You know that strange deal in dreams where walking takes forever, and the more you walk, and the harder you try to get somewhere, the less far along you get? The opposite was true in this dream! I'd think about where I wanted to be, walk just a few steps and very quickly arrive at my destination. I even thought, well, this is certainly nice and why didn't I think of it before. I mean, why shouldn't it work that way some of the time?

One day I got up in the morning, took a quick dip in the ocean, because it was just right there, wrapped a big towel around myself and super-fast walked over to the little cafe that was next-door to my cottage. I went up to the counter and told the woman I'd like to order a crueller and a large cup of coffee. She said that was fine and she walked away. A while later she came back and presented me with a huge white bag, filled with boxes and loaves of bread and other bakery-type things. I said, no, I just wanted a crueller and a large cup of coffee. She looked at me all confused and I said I think maybe this order belonged to the man who had been in front of me earlier. He'd ordered a lot of things, and I wasn't sure where he'd gone to... but I just wanted the crueller and coffee. She went away again and came back with a crueller and a cup of water. She said that it would be 93 cents. (why is there no 'cents' key on my keyboard? when did those go away?) I asked her where was my large coffee. She looked surprised and said Oh, you'd like to order some coffee now too? But she said it all friendly-like and seemed to genuinely not recall my having already ordered it, so I said yes, I'd really like a large cup of coffee, please.

She left and the man in line behind me started grumbling about how she was so incompetent, that my order wasn't all that difficult and why couldn't she just get it right, etc. A few minutes later she came back, looked at me, smiled and asked if she could take my order. I said yes, I'd like a large cup of coffee please. She said okay and walked away. Then I stood there thinking this dream isn't as great as I'd thought it was. The seaside town where it's always summer was fantastic, except I did sort of wonder where my family had gotten to, and the man in line behind me was really starting to be annoying... and there was no damn coffee! I peeked behind the counter, and sure enough, there was a large coffee setup, just brewing away.

The counter lady came back and we went a couple more rounds of me ordering a large coffee and her saying okay and then not coming back with the coffee and the man behind me getting increasingly agitated as the line behind him grew longer and longer. Finally I decided the situation was getting too stressful, and I didn't like the dream anymore because idyllic as that place was, I won't stay where there's no coffee!

I wish I had a better ending, but the truth is I woke up and that was that. Then I thought perfect for the blog, and I know I've been neglecting it lately... so there you go. A peek inside the inner workings of my unconscious self, which as it turns out is a whole lot like my conscious self, who really just wants a large cup of coffee.

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Ken said...

For what it's worth, while you were enjoying the permanent summertime in oceanside Ann Arbor, I was enjoying a vivid dream in Grand Forks, Iowa. The setting was that our family (yes, in my dreams we're all there!) was on a big yellow school bus with a friend of a famous child actor (Lindsay Lohan or someone like that). It was one of five nearly identical yellow busses used as decoys for the *real* yellow bus with the star. After we successfully scuttled the paparazzi, we stopped by the banks of the Mississippi and had a nice lunch in town and heard childhood stories about Lindsay.

Lisa, you joined us because we had coffee.