Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lurking, The Gentle Form Of Stalking

Attention all you lurkey-loos out there! This week is De-Lurking week on the internets, in case you didn't know. I just found out myself! And it's already Thursday! What this means is, if you've been lurking about, reading my blog without commenting, then I'm presenting you with a wonderful opportunity to come on out of the cyber closet and say howdy. C'mon! It's fun! All of the cool kids are doing it!

Coincidentally, I recently disabled the anonymous comments option. It's not you; it's me. Really. Well, no, actually it's kind of you. But mostly me. How 'bout we go 50/50 on it? My part is that I sometimes wonder (because obsess is such an ugly word) but only ever so slightly, and never so much as to neglect the children, about who might have left such a kind, brilliant, hilarious or infuriating comment. I'll think to myself, hmm, I wonder who could have written that? And then I'll go one of two ways. Either I'll forget all about it or I'll start repeating WHO IN THE WORLD WROTE THAT? like a mantra for insanity. After twenty minutes or so is when I usually try to invite Ken into my personal hell, but he almost always abstains because we did not write our own marriage vows. (rookie mistake) He simply refuses to dissect the punctuation/grammar/tone of a comment with me! Once in a while he will glance at a commnet and say "That's [random name]" and that's it, end of discussion. Unless I then manage to distract us both by arguing about that.

Anyway, from now on you'll have to sign in, but there is still the option of choosing a nickname for yourself if you don't want to use your real name. People with known-to-me nicknames, like Ricky or Sammy or Candy or Sexy Lexi or Tommi or Stud Muffin Hubby could of course use those names. Or, you can make up an exciting new name for yourself! Now won't that be fun? (Then please email me with your decoded identity, por favor.)

Last but not least, I'd like to extend a sincere thanks to all of the regular commenters! Comments are my second favorite part of doing this thing. Thank you, pretty people. Thank you.

Confidential to Mac: Happy Birthday! May all of your legal wishes come true!


kathy lalko said...

Hello Lisa, It is past midnight and Olivia is sleeping on the couch. While she was falling asleep I thought I would check out your blog. Wow! How do you think of all that stuff to write about? You should write a book! I'm not a creative writer as you, and I already ran out of things to say.(plus I'm tired) So, bye. Kathy

Shelby's Mum said...

Kathy! It's Kathy! Hi Kathy! Thanks for de-lurking! How do I think of stuff to write about? It's more like how do I decide which things not to write about. Because my brain constantantly spews stuff to write about. Which is very nice, except for the semi-disgusting sound of the word spew... Ken is going to be so excited you commented, btw. Thanks, Kathy!