Monday, January 23, 2006

Laundry Resignation, Because Shoutin' It Out Didn't Work

Hello! Welcome to Monday, laundry day. My Granny in heaven is so happy right now to see that I'm finally doing things in a semi-orderly fashion instead of my usual haphazard method of At The Last Second And Only As Needed. I'm not sure if she'd approve of the following however.

I decided today, once and for all, that my kids are going to be doing their own laundry from now on. I mentioned this idea to Ken yesterday, but only in a They Are Certainly Old Enough To Help Out Around Here kind of way. But I mean it now. I really do. I am sick, sick and tired of finding clean, still-folded & unworn clothing items stuffed into my kids' dirty laundry hampers. I overlook and sort out the shoes, doll clothes, books, small toys, etc. but discovering clean things that I sorted, washed, dried, folded and then hauled up to a kids' room? Freshly cleaned and springtime fresh clothes that I left neatly stacked on her bed so all she had to do was put them in a drawer or hang them up? So she could wear and enjoy her nice clean clothes at her leisure? Apparently she couldn't manage to do it. So she just tossed them back into the hamper. LIKE I WOULDN'T NOTICE.

I've turfed the same pink shirt back & forth, up and down from the laundry room to the Girl In Question's room THREE TIMES now. And today, here it is ha-gain. I bent over to pick it up, shaking my head in disbelief thinking It can't be, It can't be, It simply cannot be... and time sort of slowed down and then everything ground to a halt as I became clear and still and resigned myself to the fact that Yes, There It Is. Again. The pink shirt. Clean. Still-folded. & Unworn. In the dirty clothes pile. By moving just a few things around I quickly found two other items, clean, still-folded, and unworn in the laundry pile. And then? Then there was an audible snap! And then? A very peaceful calm settled in because Ahhhh... I'm not doing their laundry anymore. From now on they can just walk around looking like, well, whatever they are going to look like as they learn how to do their own laundry. Or not.

Because, you see, I have enough time to arrange the clean, still-folded & unworn "dirty" clothing items, take some pictures of them, upoad them onto the computer, choose the one I like best, compose a blog entry to go with it and then publish the whole thing. But by god, I don't have time to turf those clean, still-folded & unworn clothes back upstairs one more time.


Anonymous said...

Uh, oh! Since I hadn't already gotten the briefing about the new ways and means of doing laundry, I may have violated a rule by placing clothes in the dryer and turning it on. I sincerely apologize.


P.S. Three cheers for the return of anonymous comments so I can mask my true identity on occasions such as this.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for the return of "Anonymous"!