Tuesday, January 31, 2006

If I Told The Absolute, Honest-engine Truth Today While Shopping at Pottery Barn

Sales Associate #1: Hi! How are you?

Lisa: Hi! I’m pretty good now, but this morning, whoa! It was crazy! My husband’s car wouldn’t start. We’re pretty sure it’s the ignition. He’d been having trouble with his key lately but it’s just not the kind of thing you’d think to have checked out, you know?

Sales Associate #2: Are you finding everything okay?

Lisa: Yes. It’s really easy though, since you have everything sitting out like this, right where I can see it all at the same time. If fact, it’s a little overwhelming! But everything is so clean and tastefully arranged I sort of pretend I live here. I bet you do that too, right?

Sales Associate #3: Have any questions about the floor coverings?

Lisa: Yes. Do you feel weird having to call these rugs floor coverings? I mean, you probably don’t say that at home, do you? Actually, that’s not what I really want to ask. What I’m really wondering is, which "floor covering" do you think would smell less like pee after my elderly dog has an accident on it, wool or the sisal?


Tina said...

OK. What's with the pale blue text on white background? Or does it appear that way only via my browser (Safari)? It is a measure of how much I like reading your blog, Lisa, that I actually copy the text, put it in a word document, select all, swith to black text so I can read your freaking "bemused observation" of the day!!!

Susan, of course said...

I'm not getting the pale blue, Tina. Just regular.

Lisa, you observations today are very bemusing!

Shelby's Mum said...

Gosh, Tina. Wow. That's so nice to hear!

I'll get my tech support guy to check into it just as soon as possible, although it might not be until after he returns from MIAMI where I am assured it's not all that nice, not at all like I've always heard. The sunshine is impossible to see from the conference room where he spends his every miserable waking moment and the restaurants are only mediocre. The hotel is servicable, but the pool looks iffy and he doubts he'll use the hot tub. And I think the ocean is closed for repair. So there's no reason for us to be jealous.

Shelby's Mum said...

Susan, of course I appreciate your kind comment as well!