Thursday, January 26, 2006

Healthy Self-Esteem Via Homework?

Overheard, from the kitchen, Ken helping Emily with homework.

Ken: Okay, so what is the common denominator?
Emily: 2.
Ken: No. That is completely, totally wrong.
Emily: Dad!
Ken: What?
Emily: Dad!
Ken: It's not 2.
Emily: (sputtering in disbelief) You're not helping me feel good about my homework!


David said...

I guess Dads's don't always get it...this occurred several years ago:

Ilana in tears:

"Helga threw a snwball at me."

Wise father: "Throw one back."

Wiser mother: "David! Is that the way she should settle disputes? She should tell Helga how she feels."

Wise ass father: "When a cold, rock-hard snowball hits her in her face, she'll know how she feels."

Where's that damn parent manual?

Shelby's Mum said...

Wow. Did you tell her to aim for the temple too? Because I hear it doesn't leave a bruise there.

Wait. No. That would be wrong. Never mind. Parenting is hard.