Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Goddess Of Compassion, Part 1.

One of the items I'd had on my birthday/Christmas wish list was a buddha. I'm not exactly sure why I wanted one, I just did. They're pushing buddhas at the Canton Target now, so it's not like this whole idea hasn't hit mainstream, okay? But it doesn't matter because I didn't get one. I still waited a little while into January anyway, just to be sure, because anyone with a late December birthday over about age 4 knows to hang in there for a bit, and see what happens. Nothing. I finally reasoned getting a for-at-home-use deity must be like buying bras, shoes, or anything else uniquely personal in that it would probably be best for me to do it myself. I looked around, shopped the buddhas, found one I liked in a catalog and ordered it.

Kwan Yin arrived a week ago. She's the Buddhist Goddess of Compassion and so of course she is beautiful. I chose her because I especially like that she's female, and because she's reclining, something which I myself enjoy doing from time to time. I also thought she'd look good in the living room, because I am too that shallow. Up close it's apparent she's smiling serenely and she looks pretty blissed out. The deal with Kwan Yi is that she's supposed to fill those who gaze upon her with loving kindness, see? Patience. Acceptance. Nice, huh? Besides, did I mention she looks smashing in the living room? Liz and I quickly found her a nice cozy spot on the coffee table where she can start working her magic. I also wanted her front & center so I could easily glance over to summon up her assistance, you know, for when some idiot pisses me off.

I hadn't had Kwan Yin five minutes when Emily came into the room to add a few items to her new (& growing) Things My Mom Shall No Longer Do list. Apparently, and unbeknownst to me, while arranging Kwan Yi I'd been humming. Forbidden! Also, from the sound of things, and since it's clearly written up right there in her report, I was also singing, out loud, while she had a friend over. Which is obviously also Forbidden! While she was at it, she tacked on a footnote/comment about my new eyeshadow and its application. Oh, how I wish I were, but I am not making any of this up. I introduced them to one another and after Emily left I explained to Kwan Yin that she really had her work cut out for her. I also asked that if she didn't mind, would she please start by aiming some of her rub-off-able compassion towards the little girl?

End of Part 1.

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