Saturday, January 28, 2006

Finally An Avid Sportswoman

I've never been someone who could be mistaken for an athlete. I do not like sports and so there I've said it. Until now. It turns out some of the stuff I already enjoy doing (and am very good at) have been gathered together and named. And get this, it's a sport, yo. Meditation, yoga, shoe shopping, opera-going, daydreaming and napping. Put 'em all together and it's called, wait for it, because it's that good... Comtemplative Sports! I excel at Comtemplative Sports. I'm naturally gifted, in fact. There's just one little thing. I need to figure out a way to get myself started on the opera-going part... maybe cross-train? combine it with napping? Brilliant.

[Edited to add: I did not just make this up, I read the term Contemplative Sports online, on a semi sports-related sort-of site. So it is too real.]


Anonymous said...

As an avid Contemplative Sports nut, I happen to know that photography is an accepted sport, therefore cancelling out the need to crosstrain the opera part. You're In!!!

Contemplative Sports is now recognized by the Olympic's Committee.
Look for Contemplative Sports on the Spring Olympics 2007!

Anonymous said...

if you walk around the mall for a couple hours, you can come home tired. Shopping is a sport folks!