Thursday, January 05, 2006

Enough Family Togetherness, Time For Some Family Awayness

Okay, I need these kids to go back to school now. Yes, need. I know the difference between want and need and understand that integrity should come first and all that crap. But the person who wrote that pithy little ditty about integrity/need/want obviously didn't have bored kids stuck at home for TWO WEEKS staring at them, desperate for Julie McCoy to come up with the next fun-filled activity.

I've got an idea... some of you have kids also part of the wonderful AAPS extended-stay-at-home break, how 'bout this? I'll call up that snarky teacher, the one who lives a few streets over in my neighborhood. I'll offer her, what, like $50 per kid to open the school early, see? We'll just drop the kids off like usual and she can, um, combine them into a mixed-age class until Monday! Yes, that's it! Who's with me?


Jane said...

All Hail The Children's Return to School! A2 Mothers will clog roads all over town today, celebrating their freedom! Much frou frou coffee will be drunk!

Shelby's Mum said...

Yay! Frou frou coffee!
Yay! Return to school!
Yay! Quiet house!
Yay! Freeeeeeedom!

Anonymous said...

You Ann Arbor women!!!!... enjoy your darlings while you can, in not too many years you will be joining the "Moaners" who complain that their children are never home or they won't/don't talk to them. The nest will get empty before you know it.

Ditto on the foufou coffee though!