Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Rebel Rebel

I'm rebelling and taking the day off. I'm not going to Giftmas shop or look at my list or finish decorating the tree or even do something as small as straighten a stocking. I'm not going to do anything you-know-what related. I might see if I can find a lampshade for that red lamp, finish up some laundry, mail a package that's been sitting here, pick up some groceries and vacuum upstairs. I might also run over to Kerrytown* if I have enough time.

Ahhhh.... that all sounds so good! HERE WE ARE PEOPLE! We're at the point where holiday ennui has so fully set in, my normal everyday life sounds really, really good. I'm looking forward to doing the above-listed activities. I can't wait to clean the bathroom! Last night I was enthusiastically loading the dishwasher (without being asked) and caught myself thinking This is so great! I love doing this! Why don't I normally enjoy this again? Oh yeah... because really? I'm just avoiding doing all those Christmas cards! Cool. Gotta look on the bright side. Today I get to empty the dishwasher!

* Kerrytown is a yummy little mall (for lack of a better word) we have here. I looooove Kerrytown. It's tiny and bustling and has just one, simply one, of everything.

[Edited to add: Emily stayed home from school sick today, so I couldn't get out. Mostly I stayed in and pottered. FYI pottering has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with pots, as in, I neither fashioned nor handled pots in any way. Rather pottering is much like puttering, except spelled with an "o" and since it also sounds vaguely English, is more dignified.]

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