Monday, December 05, 2005

New And Improved!! Now With LINKS!!

Perhaps you've noticed I've added a few things to the Shelby's Mum blog? Over there, on the left? Like below where it says Photos? Oh yeah, I bribed the Kenster by performing certain favors and yes, I feel kind of dirty and it nearly took an act of god, but dammit, I've got a Flickr photo link now. And it works. Most of the time. So. If you should happen to click on the Flickr thing, you will be able to see random photos I've taken! They are sort of organized, pretty much, kind of. I'm learning, okay? It takes freaking forever to upload photos, arrange & sort them, especially when I have absolutely no idea whatsoever what I'm doing and I'm too lazy to read the instructions. (When did that happen? I always, totally, used to read directions and followed them. Must be the nearing 40 thing and not giving a shit anymore?)

If you see something in Flickr you find objectionable, too bad. Unless it's a photo of you or your kid, in which case I'll happily take it down because I'm decent that way. The other thing, not all of the pictures are there yet. Say for example, you went to a wedding with me? And you know there was a really cute picture taken of you & your honey but it's not there? That's because I had a photo-uploading nervous breakdown and had to take a little break. Or perhaps you attended an event or holiday with me and you know for a fact that I took approximately 600 pictures but nary a one is represented? Again with the nervous condition called If I Smash My Computer Now, It Will Not Work So I'd Better Just Walk Away. Right now the pictures on my Flickr thing are a mere suggestion of the future fabulousness, okay? It will improve when I either start drinking a lot more and can cope better, or I keep slowly figuring out how to do this. But in the mean time... view away.

Second. I added, or actually Kenny my in-house wizard added a link to my Amazon Wish List. This is in response to the literally hundreds of family members who have pestered Ken unrelentingly for birthday & Giftmas suggestions for me. He's cracking under the pressure, people! Lay off of him, he doesn't know what I want anyway! Besides, I need him calm and rested for ongoing tech support and in case I ever decide to add any more exciting Links. He's best when left alone to play with his Legos and fantasize about our next Disney trip. I'm not kidding.

So go ahead and give it a look. Please let me know if you run into any big nasty bugs or if something doesn't work or whatever. I'll mix myself up a margarita and see what I can do. Thanks.

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Alexis said...

What!!! No PBG images yet?