Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Much, MUCH Less Scary Elisabeth

I had a request, actually more than one, from more than one person, to puh-leeze take down the previous picture of Liz. Sigh. Apparently it frightened a few people. I don't really worry about what people will think when I do this stuff, because that's kind of the whole point, in a way. So I won't take it down. I will, however add a new photo of Liz, a much more classically "cuter" one taken when she was about... three? four? It was during those years when she got a new UM cheerleader dress every year because she wore them constantly. Now I ask you, which is more horrifying? A Junior Birdman Liz or a cheerleader-y Liz?


Ken said...

I love this picture! More, happy photos like this will keep me coming back.

Tina said...

Very cute! (Alex was perpectually attired in Michigan-ware at that age too.) But I actually found the more contemporary picture rather intriguing. Liz as teenage modern dancer. Elegant neck, mysterious "mask". Yes. Very intriguing.