Sunday, December 04, 2005

Emily Contemplates Theology

Yesterday morning Emily went to a real live church service for the first time. She stayed overnight at a friend's house and they invited her to attend services with them. The mother said her husband was a lapsed Catholic, and she'd always wanted to "believe in something." This is pretty similar to us, except Ken is a lapsed Presbytarian, although he swung all the way to atheism, and I also feel like I'd like to believe in something. I know Emily has definitely hinted at wanting to believe in something, so I let her go. Besides, the church in question is very liberal and one of the least "churchy" churches out there.

After she got home I asked Emily how it went. She said she loved church and that it was a lot of fun. She said they heard a story in Sunday school about David. She said "There is way more to it than what he did with one rock and that guy Goliath. He was also a terrible king who made a bunch of women leave their husbands and marry him to make his kids. He would also take people's stuff if he wanted it. He was a real jerk off."

Wow. My child learned "jerk off" in Sunday school. Liberal church indeed.

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