Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sooo Not-Cool

Just two days ago in an online poll asking for one word to describe me, Liz said I was "cool." She's what my sister calls "a young thirteen" in that she's perhaps a smidge behind other teenagers her age in a few things.

Today in carpool, a really good Prince song came on the radio. Of course I turned it way up, sang along and danced in my seat while driving as per usual. I was most of the way through the song when I noticed fiery-hot laser beams shooting out of Liz's eyesockets, burning holes clean through me and into the seat. Oh yeah. I was definitely getting the look. Not so cool now, am I?


Aunt Allyson said...


Susan, of course said...

I am forbidden by my children to sing,hum, whistle along or move my body to any music in their presence.

Lizzie! said...

mum you're still cool even if you do odd things like that.

I'm so sorry Susan of course.