Friday, November 11, 2005

Oh, What A Beautiful Morning!

Visions of breath-taking & indescribable beauty this morning:

* The young middle school couple, standing on the corner. She, vigorously swinging her arms back & forth, back & forth, not facing him directly, but smiling broadly. Him, nervously laughing and fully engaged by her.

* The woman who walks her matching water-type dogs whose breed I can't recall. The sunlight streaming majestically through the trees in bright golden beams of light that just catch the furry edges of her dogs, gloriously outlining them all in sharp relief.

* The house perpetually under construstion for as long as I've lived here. Today, the mailbox post newly handpainted with a delicate vine of ivy and tiny white flowers. The tender care someone used to decorate a post in front of a jumbled wreck of a house.

Why yes, I did have an extra cup of mood-elevating coffee this morning. Why do you ask?