Thursday, November 10, 2005

My Children Could Not Be More Different

Putting Liz to bed

Lisa: Liz, go to bed.
Liz: Okay.
Lisa: Goodnight.
Liz: Goodnight.
Lisa: I love you.
Liz: Love you!

Putting Emily to bed

Lisa: Emily, go to bed.
Emily: Do you think I should get a Ph.D.?
L: If you want one. Go to bed.
E: Do you think I'm smart enough to get one?
L: Yes. Now go to bed.
E: What kind do you think I should get?
L: The kind you want to get; you'll know.
E: Would you still love me if I commited a crime?
L: Yes. Go to bed.
E: What if it was really bad and I went to prison?
L: I'd be very disappointed, but I'd still love you.
E: What if I kill someone?
L: I...I... I'd still love you.
E: What if I tried to kill you? Would you love me then?
L: Uhhh... yes. I'd still love you. Time for bed!
E: What if I get a disability? Would you still love me then?
L: Yes. Did you brush your teeth?
E: Not yet... Why did you want to have children?
L: I just did. Go brush your teeth.
E: Do you regret having kids?
L: No. I love you very much. You need to go to bed.
E: I want to be a lawyer when I grow up.
L: Really! Why's that?
E: Because it's fun to handle things like solving problems for people.
L: You'd be good at that. Now go to bed.
E: Why do you want me to go to bed?
L: Because it's 10:30. It's very late! You need to go to bed.
E: Why?
L: So you can get plenty of good sleep.
E: But why do you care?
L: So you can be happy & alert tomorrow.
E: But why do you care so much about it?
L: Emily. Go to bed. I love you. Go to bed.
E: Okay, okay, okay... Jeez.


Tina said...

Enjoy it! Alex now sometimes disappears to bed with no prior announcement from either side. All of the sudden, Ward or I will turn to the other and ask if he's gone to bed. Then we have to hunt around the house to see where he may have gotten to. No "go to bed" or "goodnight" and I haven't heard "I love you" in years. If I tell him I love him I usually get an eye roll and an "I know" -- and that's it.

Anonymous said...

Differences between my daughters (names withheld to protect the innocent):

Me to wife after meeting Daughter #1's first date: "He seems like a decent guy."

Me to wife after meeting Daughter #2's first date: "I'll get the shovel; do you know anyone who owns a shotgun?"

Shelby's Mum said...

And you don't mind going back to prison?

Anonymous said...

It would sure free up time to write!

Shelby's Mum said...

An optimistic upside to prison!

Lizzie! said...

Hi David!

Jane said...

Sarah says "Emily is ME!"