Thursday, November 17, 2005

Happy Birthday Kenny!

Happy 40th Birthday Ken!

Aw, isn't he cute in his first grade picture? I really wish he'd still dress like this... so dapper!

When I married him he had gray hair, bifocals and his favorite restaurant was Bill Knapp's. (yes, it's a mixed marriage) But alas, Ken is officially an old dude now. That's the first thing he said this morning. And then he ate his first bowl of old guy colon blowin' cereal. If you see him today, ask him how it's going... and be sure to wish him forty more.

Kisses Kenny!


Susan, of course said...

Happy Birthday, Ken!
(and you were awfully cute)

Ken said...

Thank you, Lisa. Now I'm apparently beginning to fit the age demographic of my true self.

I heard one of those "on this day..." segments on the radio this morning. I learned that, on this day, in Orlando Florida in some year of the early Seventies, Richard Nixon proclaimed "I am not a crook".

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ken!

I personally think prematurely gray hair and wire rimmed glasses on a guy very sexy.

Joan said...

Happy Birthday Ken! And thank you for fixing my computer problems. And I agree with the above anonymous commentator that gray hair is sexy. And glasses too. But not wire rimmed. And from someone who is an entire decade older than you - you're still a spring chicken! Wait until you start breaking your feet and your arms aren't long enough to hold the restaurant menu's. That's old.

Aunt Allyson said...

OH my god, that is just too cute. Ken has the SAME smile now that he had in 1st grade.

(MOM... I am pretty sure that anonymous comment was you. Yes?)

Anonymous said...

AUNT be anonymous means not identifying oneself.

Shelby's Mum said...

Al- I think Anonymous is Norm. He's always found Ken to be very sexy.

Ken said...

I believe that "anonymous" represents all the ladies out there who see the 40's as the new 30's.

Tina said...

I, too, have a thing for prematurely gray hair (although Ward's is now white as the driven snow). And I really miss Bill Knapps! Happy Birthday, Ken!