Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween Update:

I didn't manage to go as Soccer Mom after all. I just did the usual, which was Harried Mom Pushing Kids & Husband Out The Door (So I Can Go Sit In The Driveway To Drink & Eat Candy). But I wasn't alone, so it wasn't nearly as pathetic as it sounds.

Our House Halloween Stats:
Beggers: approx. 25-30
Candy bars Shelby ate: 5
Wrappers to watch for: 4
Hours sitting in driveway: 2
Hours sitting in rain: 1
Cell calls from Away Team: 4
Supply runs to Away Team: 1
(dads ran out of beer)

We had a fun time; hope you did too!


Debbie said...

Speaking as your "Sitting In The Driveway So I Can Drink & Eat Candy" date, I also thoroughly enjoyed myself. I look forward to many future driveway dates........

Anonymous said...

Did you do frozen Margaritas with Snickers or Absolute with Butterfingers? Passing out candy with Lisa puts a whole different slant on Trick or "Treating"

Shelby's Mum said...

Hi Mom!

Tina said...

Wow. I'm coming to your house next year!!!

David said...

"dads ran out of beer"

Yep we did, but daugter also needed jacket...why waste costly gas?