Saturday, October 22, 2005

We Played House When I Was A Kid

Emily and her friend are playing restaurant. Well, really it's a restaurant with a wine bar, called The Smoothie Shack. They make smoothies out of wine. (untapped market!) One of them is the owner/server/bartender. The other kid is the visiting health inspector, who of course has a lot of questions. She wants to know things like whether the Smoothie Shack allows children to come into their establishment, if they "card" people, what they do if someone is drunk, how many wine smoothies they allow each customer, and if there is a breathalizer kept handy. (They keep it hidden behind the bar so no one will play with it.) Their wine is very expensive. They allow teenagers to hang out, do their homework & watch TV, but they can't have any wine in their smoothies. The health inspector seems satisfied so far and it looks like the Smoothie Shack will remain open. What a relief.

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