Wednesday, October 05, 2005

TP'd House

While dining out this evening (Max & Irma's PTO fund raiser), our home was vandalized... or so we thought. We returned home to find that our house had be TP'd with what looked like about 24 rolls worth of toilet paper. Upon closer inspection we noted that it was all still wrapped in plastic, and was neatly positioned on the porch with an accompanying Whitley's Nut Sampler. It only took a few minutes to figure out the TP and nuts were from our good friend Joannie! Boy, were we relieved to realize that not only had we not been violated, but our very classy friend had made good on her dog's unfortunate debt to us. Thank you so much, Joan! It is a honor and a privilege to know you, and yes, we still consider you one of our most treasured friends.

Oh, just one more thing... Ken wanted me to mention that the vertical hold on our bedroom TV seems to be messed up. We noticed Scruffy spent a lot of time near that television when he was visiting, and... well, it was working fine before he got here...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That Joan! Such a classy friend! Who wouldn't want to be her friend.
You are SO lucky.