Wednesday, October 19, 2005

HUGE Gratitude

I'd like to extend great big huge helpings of gratitude to all the lovely folks at Bella Vino for finding my lost wallet and holding it safely "in the back." I noticed it was missing when I got to the check-out and it was time to, um, pay. I stayed amazingly calm* and started looking for it, retracing my steps. I'd lost it somewhere either in the store or outside where the pumpkins and flowers are displayed. Unbeknownst to me, the Bella Vino Lost Wallet Rescue Squad was on the case. They sprang into action and my wallet and I were quickly reunited. Everyone was so nice: the older manager guy who said this kind of thing happens all the time and I'd be amazed at what they find in the store; the young woman behind the deli counter who smiled and waved when she saw I'd been located as the owner of the wallet she'd found; the cashier who rang up everything and put it all aside for me because she knew I'd be back; the bagger who looks just like John Cusack and actually winked while saying I must be very relieved and that he was happy it had all worked out. No kidding! I'd already mentally cancelled my credit & bank card, said goodbye to the cash, mourned my kids' photos and started in on my side of the inevitable conversation with Ken:

"We have to cancel everything in my wallet because I lost it today at Bella Vino."

" I dunno... I guess it set it down somewhere."

"I thought I'd put it in the baby seat, but maybe I was carrying it."

"Noooooooo... I don't think anyone would take it."

"I don't know how, I just lost it."

"Well it wasn't on purpose, believe me."

"Only my wallet and keys. I was going to be quick, just getting a pumpkin and some yellow mums for the front porch. Remember I said I wanted yellow mums, that I thought they'd look pretty..."

"I am not changing the subject! It's still part of the same story."

"It is too relevant because I had to look through all of the pumpkins and the outside flowers which is a really big area. If you didn't know I was shopping for mums, you wouldn't understand that part, would you?"


Please go immediately and buy lots and lots of Bellas and Vinos because I'm going to become a regular over there from now on. We'll probably bump into each other and then we can say Howdy. Don't worry if you lose your wallet or purse or keys or gloves or umbrella or any of the other stuff the nice manager says people leave behind, because it's no problem for them. The fine folks at Bella Vino will work together as a team getting it back to you.

* outwardly calm, freakin' on the inside.


Susan, of course said...

I think I might be heading over there this evening to check out their pumpkin selection myself. Do you think John Cusack will be working?

Shelby's Mum said...

Mmmm, mmmmm. I sure hope so!