Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hidden Talent

Did I ever mention that I used to count things? Any and all kinds of things? I first consciously noticed I was counting when I was about 16, walking home from school. I'd count my footsteps or the fence posts or how many chickens I saw (we lived in the country) or all of the above. I stopped, or tried to stop, or mostly stopped mindlessly counting things after I found out it is perhaps in certain circles considered to be ever so slightly obsessive. I still catch myself counting every once in a while, but usually only when I'm bored. A nifty side talent honed from all these years of counting, is that I'm now able to instantly recognize symmetry. Example: The other day after having merely glanced at my crackers, I heard myself think hmmm, symmetrical crackers. As in, equal number of crackers on either side of the dark, center cracker. So of course I counted them. And would you look at that? Eight on the right, eight on the left. Now I just have to figure out how to share my amazing talent with the world, other than writing about it on my blog, that is.


Ken said...

The level of pride I have in Lisa is undescribable. Maybe that's why I love her so much -- I appreciate numbers. Large ones, teeny ones, fractions, pi, and even symmetrical presentations.

(Lisa, I’m sure that you already know this comment has 307 characters and spaces including this parenthetical statement)

Joan said...

Wow.Yes, there probably is a diagnosis for that... but it also tells you something about your brain recognizing patterns. I can find a four leaf clover in a patch just by walking by it... does that put me in your category?