Saturday, October 08, 2005

Gratitude Big & Small

Big: Gratitude to my friend Sue for explaining highways in a way I can finally understand. Every single time I come back from Dexter I think of you walking in a circle, holding an imaginary steering wheel, demonstrating how I need to go around Ann Arbor. Finally!

Small: Actually, this one's pretty big too, but finding my way home is just a teensy bit more important... Anyway, gratitude to my friend Joannie for leaving so many lovely comments on my blog. I always look forward to reading them and I sooo appreciate knowing someone's out there.


Joan said...

Gratitude,Big: Your blog, which offers a wonderful diversion at those times that I don't quite want to work yet and some insight into that bright and humerous brain of yours! I still think bemused observations applies the best. Thank YOU, Lisa.
(Scruffy is undoing my shoe laces)

joan said...

change that to humorous, please?